BOOKED- Dr. Scholl's Insole Commercial

This was a fun spot where I play a dog walker. Spent the whole day with an adorable pack of 6 dogs who defiantly stole the show. 

BOOKED- Dell Computers Print Campaign

BOOKED- "Killing for Spark"



"Killing for Spark" is a hilarious short film about a couple who turns to murder in hopes to regain the spark that has been lost in their marriage. 

BOOKED- Crayola Commercial



This gorgeous commercial salutes Teachers across North America. 



I will be appearing in this year's PULL FESTIVAL, a theatre festival of new works written and produced right here in Vancouver, BC! My show is called "Real Company" and explores what happens when a company rents out their employees to portray companions in real people's lives. 

BOOKED- Hallmark Movie of the Week!

I was lucky enough to be able to join the cast and crew of "Love At First Dance"  for a few days of movie making! I played "Cindy", a bride to be who hires Hope to choreograph her first wedding dance. The movie is released June 16, 2018! Check it out on the Hallmark Channel. 

BOOKED- Chilly Cow Ice Cream commercial



Eating ice-cream on set for hours while getting paid? Ummmm....YES PLEASE! 

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